Your Dog deserves to be Healthy!

There is a natural way to a healthy dog, let me show you!

Who I am

I Love Your Dog, Just as You Do!

Studied natural healing in dogs, lecturer at various events, and proud owner of two French Bulldogs.

Thanks to my expertise in allergies, hip and joint problems, teeth problems, digestive disorder and many more, I have been able to help many dogs where others have given up hope.

Your dog deserves to be healthy. Contact me now and we will help your dog to live a beautiful and healthy life together.

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Hair Analysis

Give your dog a voice and find out the root of the problem in your dog.

Dog Health Coaching

Let's go the way to your healthy dog, together.
- step by step instructions
- personal guidance and support 

Nutrition Consultation

Personalised nutrition for a healthier Dog. Perfectly tailored to your dog's needs.


Happy Faces

Dogs deserve the best live, because they make our lives the best.

We tried so much but no one could help our dog, thanks to susan our dog has got his life back and we can enjoy the time with him.

Olivia Dawn , New York

Our dog bruno scratched himself bloody, susan found out the reason for the allergies and helped us to clarify them. Bruno has been allergy-free for over a year now.

Tylor Smith, London

Susan helped us adjust our dog's diet so that we can be sure that he can live a long and healthy life. We are very satisfied.

Anna Rossi , Rome

Tired of seeing your Dog suffer?

Your dog doesn't have to suffer, let me help you to give your dog a beautiful and livable life.